Protection and It’s Beauty

Knowing the Kind of Shingle Roofs You Need

Do you want to have a newly designed roof with shingles? Shingle roofs can improve the overall appearance of your home. Besides, this type of roofing is hard to crack, shielding your house from the damaging effects of climate changes. Yes, you guessed it right. This material can be a real crowning glory to your home, as the hair is to a woman.

Choosing the Right Type
There are different types of shingles in the roofing industry, and these are classified according to shape, size, colors, thickness and materials. Shingles are made out of flagstone, fiber cement, plastic, metal, wood, and slate or before our time they are made from wood and paper felt.

Here are some types of shingle roofs you might want to choose from and where to get it.

  • Asphalt shingles are used on steep slope roofs and are widely used roofing material in the market. The name comes from the asphalt itself.
  • Fiberglass shingles are made from fiber and provide reliable durability when it comes to climate or temperature change and is also fire-friendly.
  • Organic shingles were stopped last 2005 because of its flaws and is left in the past.
  • Wood shingles have the same ends with smooth front and back. It is more durable than cheaper roof types and has a unique appearance, which is one of its advantages.
  • Slate shingles are heavy, of long-lasting material, and the cost is much more expensive than other roofing materials. This type is great in water absorption and is best used in places with freezing temperature.
  • Solar roof shingles are becoming the new trend in the United States and the rest of the world. It has energy-producing capability and can double the protection of the roof.

Roofing and Its Advantage
If we don’t have a roof, rain will flood our houses or will be living like in the desert if the sun comes. With shingles as your roof, rest assured that you won’t spend too much on repair and maintenance. This roofing type is low-maintenance as much as it is durable and elegant.

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